Focus 2010: Lee a Top QB Target

Zach Lee

McKinney quarterback Zach Lee was one of the top performers at the Combine in Dallas, Texas a year ago, and after a strong junior season throwing the ball he has netted three scholarship offers. Will the nation's top team soon follow?

Zach Lee, a 6-foot-4, 200-pound quarterback from McKinney High in Texas had a nice junior season. He led his team in to the playoffs and passed for 2,953 yards and 33 touchdowns along the way.

"It was good year," Lee informed. "We had a very good year. I thought I played really well this year. I thought I made some really good decisions. But there is always room for improvement for next year and I think I can build on the success I had this year."

"We just want to roll with the momentum of getting in to the playoffs and hopefully that drives to do even better and make it even further next year."

Lee considers himself in the mold of a pocket passer, however his 11 rushing touchdowns indicate he does have some mobility.

"I would consider myself more of a drop back guy, but I can run or scramble if I need to. But the majority of the time I would say I am a drop back passer."

Lee is already receiving some heavy interest from college programs and he holds three early scholarships from BCS level programs.

"Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska are the four main big programs that I have been getting a lot of stuff from," Lee informed. "Nebraska, Texas Tech, and Arizona have offered."

"It does take a little bit of the weight off (to have three offers), but you still go to go out there and prepare yourself and get even better for the next day."

Lee did not get to take a ton of unofficial visits – because of his high school schedule – but when he did get time he used it wisely as he watched three of the best games on the 2008 college slate.

As a matter of fact there may not be a better BCS aficionado, as Lee was on hand to witness first hand the 2008 losses by Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech.

"Looking at the season I tried to pick out what I thought were some of the most enjoyable games to watch," Lee said of his well-planned visit schedule. "And I guess I saw all three teams get beat."

Oklahoma vs. Texas- "I went to the OU/Texas game. The atmosphere was high and intense. Fans were really in to the game. The atmosphere was pretty amazing."

Texas at Texas Tech- "I went on an unofficial visit to Texas Tech for the Texas game. That was a good game to go to. I got time to meet with their coaches. I also went to their camp over the summer."

Texas Tech at Oklahoma- "I went to the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game. I got to meet with their coaching staff and see all of the facilities there. I thought Texas Tech would keep it closer, but it was still impressive to see the offensive display, by Oklahoma at least."

With three offers on the table and strong interest from the nation's top ranked team it will likely only be a matter of time before Lee has a plethora of scholarship offers. Recommended Stories

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