Staying the Course

Staying the Course

Orlando, Fla - Laquon Treadwell earned 5-Star status recently with Fox Sports Next. The 6' 3", 205-pound receiver out of Illinois showed up at the Under Armour All-America game wanting to prove that he was the best receiver in the land. Mission accomplished?

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"It was a great day," Treadwell said. "At first everyone was trying to get in a rhythm. Coach got on us a little bit and everyone tried to pick up their game. I think everyone was trying to see how everyone stacked up against one another. It was interesting to see that all develop."

What was Treadwell hoping to find out about himself at the event?

"I was just curious to see how I reacted to the game speed. I think I did pretty good going up against the best corners here and everything."

Who gave the nation's No. 6 rated receiver the most trouble on Monday?

"Probably Shaquille Wiggins. He's really quick and keeps it competitive out there. Me and Shaq have a real good relationship. He likes to talk a lot out there. He keeps it fun. Sometimes I got him and sometimes he got the best of me. He keeps it real out there."

What does Treadwell need to work on the most after stacking up against the best on Monday?

"Getting off releases, press releases. That's about it. The other parts of my game speaks for itself. Once I get the release down pat I think I'll be pretty good."

What is going on with Treadwell's recruitment?

"Ole Miss is still on top right now. I still have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the mix too."

What puts Ole Miss on top?

"Just me being the most comfortable with them and knowing their coaching staff is going to be there for a long time since they're a new coaching staff. As long as they're winning ballgames they're going to be around. Coach Freeze is probably one of the best head coaches I've met as a person."

The Rebels have been trying to convince several of the other Under Armour participates to come join their team as well. Treadwell has put in his two cents.

"I'm doing a little recruiting for Ole Miss. You know me and Robert (Nkemdiche) have been doing a little recruiting. Me, Carl Lawson, Antonio Conner, Elijah Daniel, and Robert. We've all been talking about going to the same school and trying to do some big things together. I just try and keep Ole Miss on their mind but it's all in fun. I'm not trying to hound those guys or anything. It's all in fun."

Any chance that Treadwell could make a decision at the Under Armour game?

"No, I'm not. I'm not going to make it at the game. I always said I was going to make it after the game so I'm sticking with that."

What keeps Oklahoma in the game?

"I just like their style of offense and me being comfortable with their coaches."

What about Oklahoma State?

"I like their style of offense as well and I'm real close to coach (Jason) Jones. We're real cool. That's what keeps them in the picture."

What will be the deciding factor when it comes decision time?

"It'll just come down to where I feel the most at home at. That will be about it."

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