Metoyer Dazzles in Spring Game

OU wide receiver Trey Metoyer

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooner fans have heard about him all spring, and they finally got a chance to witness why fellow players and coaches have been raving so much about wide receiver Trey Metoyer since he arrived mid-semester.

Metoyer shined in the spring game with several big catches, finishing with six total on the day for 74 yards.

He was consistent and didn't drop any balls thrown his way.

He displayed his speed and size.

And he showed incredible poise for playing in front of 20,000-plus Crimson and Cream fans.

"He just has got incredible hands and the ability to make plays," said OU head coach Bob Stoops. "He has a knack for adjusting to the football; just all the things you saw today. He can run. He really relishes the moment. He is a competitor for a young guy. He is a player. He just has a natural feel for it, on spacing and how to make plays and get to the ball. All of those things."

In fact, the 6-foot-2, 198-pounder said he actually relished the moment to get out in front of his fan base for the first time.

"Yeah, I mean, I really did," Metoyer said. "I ain't been in an actual game, well real game [since] the All-America Game. And back in Virginia, we ain't really had a big crowd or whatever. So, you know, even that big. But it felt good coming out here with a crowd today and performing."

Perform, he did.

Saying he was just consistent and caught balls doesn't really do him justice.

Metoyer showed a solid grasp of the offense after just a couple months upon coming to OU in January.

That's impressive for sure.

"It's what you hoped he would do because he's practiced in that fashion for 14 days," Heupel said. "He's continuing to get a better understanding of our offense routes, timing, adjustments that he has to make, mechanics of getting a signal and getting lined up and playing with speed at times. Is it something that was out of the ordinary for him today? No, it wasn't. Was it a nice step to see him do it in front of a lot of people and in a game situation? Yes, it was."

So, just what is the ceiling for this kid?

Coaches insist it's the proverbial sky is the limit situation because of his confidence, because of his competitiveness, his strength and physicality at the receiver position.

"He's a guy that can be a big-time impact for us offensively," Heupel said. "He can be a competitive one-on-one playmaker out on the outside."

Next year he could, too.

Stoops even commented earlier in the spring about Metoyer making that type of impact.

Don't even be surprised if he starts.

He's just that talented.

And in his own words, he doesn't and won't lean on the freshman excuse.

"Well, I talked to my parents, you know, my dad, me and him stay in contact a lot and he tells me, ‘Go out there. Don't play like a freshman. Ball out,'" Metoyer said. "And if I mess up, [saying], ‘Oh, he's a freshman.' I don't use that as an excuse. I want to be just like everybody else. And I just want to come here and just perform. That's all I really want to do."

As such, he's been taking pointers from veteran receivers Kenny Stills and Jaz Reynolds in order to enhance his game early in his career.

Things such as not taking any plays off and competing to and through the catch all the way to the whistle.

Learning the little intricacies on how to break open and separate from coverage.

"Well, I could definitely say it's been a good spring and good experience," Metoyer said. "I could say most of the older guys kinda took me under their wings and taught me, you know, how to really just playing football. You know, in high school I was really going off raw talent and didn't really know small things. I could say that helped out a lot."

Now, it's just about improving in the off-season and summer up until the team convenes at fall camp and for the season opener Sept. 1 at UTEP.

Then, it'll be about Metoyer doing his part to help achieve his goals for his first season in Norman.

"For me, honestly, just getting a ring, you know, as a freshman that would be a good experience playing in a national championship," Metoyer said. "That for one. Two, just give it all I got. Coach Hype, Coach Stoops make sure that they believe in me and give me the ball, and it's my choice to make plays."

If spring showed anything, it's that Metoyer can certainly make those plays.

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