Broyles Shatters NCAA Receptions Mark

Ryan Broyles broke the NCAA career receptions mark

LAWRENCE, Kan. — It's not every day fans get to witness a player like Ryan Broyles come around.

And it's not every day fans get to witness a player like Broyles shatter an NCAA record.

But that's just what took place Saturday evening at Kivisto Field when Broyles hauled in his 317th career reception to shatter the old record set by Purdue's Taylor Stubblefield back in 2004 and further stamped his place in college football history.

And it was only fitting that the record-setting reception was like so many others throughout his career, with him sprinting toward the end zone for the 57-yard touchdown while a helpless defensive back chased him to no avail.

"It was just blank," Broyles said of the moment. "I wasn't really thinking about it until I scored. It didn't really set in until I got on the sideline and people started congratulating me. That's when I started getting a little emotional."

Rightfully so.

It's an incredible feat if you break down the numbers.

Since his first game back in 2008, Broyles is averaging 7.24 receptions per contest.

But not only that, he's also averaging 94.31 yards per game.

Unbelievable. Remarkable.

"I don't have any more adjectives to describe Ryan Broyles," said head coach Bob Stoops. "The guy is out of this world, what he's able to do, how he competes every week and the plays he continues to make, you know, just exceptional."

Quarterback Landry Jones added onto that.

"He deserved it," Jones said. "He's a great guy, a great player. He did a good job running by [the defense], and I made a good throw tonight and put it out there for him."

One thing that makes it even more impressive, though, is his background as an athlete.

Broyles claims that he was always overlooked because of size, because of his speed and other reasons.

"It's just crazy, like I said I feel like I've always been an underdog," Broyles said. "[I] just continue to chip away no matter what people say. Even at times where people want to praise me up, I feel like I still have something to prove, and I think that's what helped me succeed."

And that's what will continue to help him succeed throughout the rest of his career at OU.

Heck, he's broken the record but has a chance to set it at an unprecedented level.

If he catches balls the rest of the season at the same clip as his previous 45 games, he could finish with 375, and if he surpasses that rate, he could near 400.

How's that for impressive?

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