A Second Chance Arises

OU running back Mossis Madu

It doesn't always turn out this way, but in running back Mossis Madu's case, it has.

Of course, Madu's increased role within OU's offense comes at the expense, a very unfortunate one, of the loss of running back Roy Finch to a reoccurrence of a hairline stress fracture in his ankle.

But nonetheless, it's another opportunity for him to finish off his career the right way, this all coming after he struggled big time in a road contest earlier in the year at Missouri, fumbling it once in the red zone and muffing a kickoff before somehow turning it into a big return.

"Well, you know, and he's done well other than, like I said, he's got a couple of glitches," said offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson at the time. "One of our values and goals as an offense was you earn your job and you earn the right to have the ball. And unfortunately, you know, Jermie Calhoun, which is unfortunate, getting hurt, kind of gets a person out of that depth chart for him, but with the way Brennan [Clay] was playing, with the way Roy [Finch] was playing, it's like hey, we've given the ball a couple times and even at Missouri on the kickoff return, he kind of blotched the catch."

"So, you know, our thing was not throwing him under the bus, but if you're not good with the ball, and it's not [just] him, it's anyone, you know, your role gets minimized, so that's a product of Roy doing well and unfortunately he had a couple glitches that, you know, to me that we value squeezing the ball."

Now, the time has come for another opportunity.

He closed the fourth quarter against Oklahoma State when starting running back DeMarco Murray was nicked up, but this is different.

In Finch's absence, Madu will be the guy when Murray takes a breather.

See what the back has to say about it and more in this video courtesy of Sooners Illustrated and ScoutTV.

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